Hannah Courtney Thomas

Hannah Courtney Thomas


One of the main reasons I chose Swansea University was because of the staff at the School of Law.

When I visited the open day the staff were so kind and clearly enthusiastic about teaching. Also, there were far more options to choose in the second and third years which opens more doors once I graduate. As a girl from Pembrokeshire, one of the best things about attending Swansea University was the fact that I'm still quite close to my friends at home but also with my new friends. 

I believe that studying through the medium of Welsh is going to offer me more opportunities for careers and in the future and is a great way to improve my general communication skills. I am lucky that I receive the Incentive Scholarship by the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol which means I receive £500 for studying 40 credits through the medium of Welsh each year. 

In my spare time I dance as part of the Swansea University Dance Society as well as being the secretary for the society!