Dongkai Chen

Dongkai Chen

Visiting Student

Engineering – 1 year visiting student from China (ROA UG Visiting Student: Engineering and Chongqing Technology 1yr FULL TIME)

Why did you decide to study Engineering?

Because I've been fascinated by machinery such as cars and aeroplanes since I was young, and I found myself enjoying building and modifying Lego toys. 

Are you enjoying your experience as a visiting student at Swansea University?

Yes, I'm enjoying my experience as a visiting student at Swansea University.

Why did you decide to study a year as a visiting student at Swansea University?

I've always dreamed of studying in the UK, and studying in a university with state-of-the-art engineering facilities for a year as a visiting student will help me adapt more quickly to my future study or work in the UK. I thought the mechanical engineering courses offered by Swansea University would enable me to learn more comprehensive and advanced knowledge.

What do you enjoy most about Swansea and Swansea University?

What I enjoy most about Swansea: the charming scenery, the comfortable weather, and the friendly and safe city atmosphere. I enjoy most about Swansea University because of the care and support for our physical and mental health and the efforts made by colleges during the epidemic to ensure that we can learn no less via online teaching than face-to-face teaching.

How have you found studying during the pandemic?

This is the most fantastic part of my experience in these two semesters. I can't share my experience of experimental or practical courses cause the courses I selected are theoretical. I believe that the vast majority of us are very adapted to online teaching because we can get IT, library, remote PC and all kinds of resources and support services from departments of the university, and lecturers have carefully choreograph Canvas content and adjust the curriculum content appropriately to different teaching methods. Canvas's experience is stable, intuitive and makes it easier for us to communicate with the lecturer. In a way, online teaching even makes me learn better.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about studying Engineering at Swansea University?

I'm sure any student who wants to learn something and become a good engineer can achieve what he wants at Swansea University.

What are you planning/hoping to do after studying your degree (such as a job, research, career)?

I hope to study for a master's degree in engineering after finished my year at the Swansea University and engage in consulting in the UK in the future. This years’ experience at Swansea University can help me a lot, which is a significant and beneficial start.