Charlotte Davies

Charlotte Davies

MSc Genomic Medicine

The main reason that I chose to study my degree(s) at Swansea University was because it has been ranked one of the best medical schools in the UK. I chose to study my master’s degree in Genomic Medicine as I believe it is an exciting, evolving field that has enormous potential to provide novel therapeutic and diagnostic solutions for patients with complex diseases with little effective treatments. Throughout the degree, I was able to further develop my knowledge in the genomic medicine field and I also gained an insight into its application in medicine and professional practice. Some of the modules that I thoroughly enjoyed were Bioinformatics for Genome analysis, Pharmacogenomics, Cancer genomics, and the Genomics of Common and Rare Inherited Diseases. The Genomic Medicine course was very flexible and so it allowed me to work part time, volunteer, as well as gain work experience in the medical field alongside studying. I also had the pleasure of meeting and being taught by several enthusiastic and passionate clinicians, scientists, public health educators and beyond. In developing my skills and knowledge in the genomics field, it has prepared me for my current studies in Graduate Entry Medicine here at Swansea and my future career as a doctor in the NHS.

There are so many benefits of living and studying in Swansea. In total I will be studying here for 8 years, and I don’t think I will ever be bored or run out of things to do! I love to surf and swim in the sea, and there are so many beaches on my doorstep in Swansea that enable me to do this. I also love hiking, walking, and running, and Swansea is filled with many scenic routes, such as the Swansea marina, the 5-mile Swansea beach, coastal paths that run along the whole of the Gower, and numerous parks. In addition, the city has everything that you need such as an excellent night life, shopping centre, restaurants, pubs, and excellent transport into the city and to both university campuses.

Are you/have you been part of a society?

During my bachelor’s degree I had joined the St John’s ambulance society in order to volunteer and give back to the community, as well as gain work experience in first aid and to get an insight into a career in medicine.

Have you lived in halls during your studies?

I lived in halls during my first year of my bachelor’s degree (2018-2019). I stayed on Singleton campus in Penmaen halls of residence. I loved staying in halls for my first year, and I have gained many happy memories and friends for life by opting to stay in halls. I enjoyed the several facilities that were readily available to use on campus, and the very short distance that I had to walk to get to my lectures, including the opportunity to meet people from all different backgrounds in addition to the friends I had made on my course. Another advantage with living in halls was the fact that the university gym is also a short walk away.

However, a downside was the limited parking available to students on campus, therefore, I had stayed in a student house subsequently.

Have you worked part-time during your degree?

Alongside my studies, I also worked part time in two different jobs. I worked as a Senior Student Ambassador for Swansea University, which was a very flexible role and was an excellent job to have for any student. I gained and improved valuable skills in leadership, communication, and public speaking to mention a few. The role also provided me with countless opportunities, for example, interviewing new ambassadors and taking part in UCAS fairs across the UK.

I also worked as a Healthcare Support Worker for the NHS in the Swansea Bay health board. This was also a flexible role that has shaped me as the person I am today and has helped get closer to my dream of becoming a doctor.