Professor Timothy Hollowood
Telephone: (01792) 513194
Room: Office - 519
Fifth Floor
Vivian Building
Singleton Campus


  1. Hollowood, T. Unravelling cosmological perturbations Physics Letters B 785 254 261
  2. Appadu, C., Hollowood, T., Price, D., Thompson, D. Quantum anisotropic sigma and lambda models as spin chains Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 51 40 405401
  3. Hollowood, T., McDonald, J. Decoherence, discord, and the quantum master equation for cosmological perturbations Physical Review D 95 10
  4. Appadu, C., Hollowood, T., Price, D. Quantum inverse scattering and the lambda deformed principal chiral model Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 50 30 305401
  5. Appadu, C., Hollowood, T., Miramontes, J., Price, D., Schmidtt, D. Giant magnons of string theory in the lambda background Journal of High Energy Physics 2017 7

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  • PH-302 Quantum Mechanics II

    Students will deepen their study of Quantum Mechanics by learning the general formalism. Students will be challenged by the strange and puzzling aspects of the theory. Students will learn various approximation techniques for solving complicated systems.

  • PH-321 General Relativity

    The objective of this module is to educate students in the General Theory of Relativity in a way that introduces just enough of the mathematical tools required, namely pseudo Riemannian geometry, so that many applications of the theory can be considered. Students will learn about curved geometries mainly through simple examples and by taking the point of view of a freely falling observer. Applications will include: a discussion of the classic test of general relativity involving planetary motion and bending of light; the strange geometry of black-holes, wormholes and warp drive space-times. Finally students will learn how general relativity determines the dynamics of the whole universe.


  • Dualities in field theory from string theory (current)

    Other supervisor: Prof Adi Armoni
  • Integrability in Quantum Field Theory and on the Worldsheet (awarded 2020)

    Other supervisor: Dr Daniel Thompson
  • 'Aspects of lambda-models' (awarded 2018)

    Other supervisor: Prof Carlos Nunez
  • 'Gravitational Leptogenesis and Open Quantum Systems in Inflation ' (awarded 2017)

    Other supervisor: Prof Graham Shore