Dr Noemi Picco
Telephone: (01792) 513756
Room: Office - 308
Third Floor
Computational Foundry
Bay Campus

Areas of Expertise

  • Mathematical Biology
  • Mathematical Oncology
  • Modelling Development and Evolution of Cortical Neurogenesis
  • Modelling Environment-Mediated Drug Resistance in Cancer
  • Cancer Stem Cell Plasticity Modelling


  1. Picco, N., Hippenmeyer, S., Rodarte, J., Streicher, C., Molnár, Z., Maini, P., Woolley, T. A mathematical insight into cell labelling experiments for clonal analysis Journal of Anatomy 235 3 687 696
  2. Picco, N., Woolley, T. Time to change your mind? Modelling transient properties of cortex formation highlights the importance of evolving cell division strategies Journal of Theoretical Biology 110 118
  3. Picco, N., García-Moreno, F., Maini, P., Woolley, T., Molnár, Z. Mathematical Modeling of Cortical Neurogenesis Reveals that the Founder Population does not Necessarily Scale with Neurogenic Output Cerebral Cortex 28 7 2540 2550
  4. Picco, N., Sahai, E., Maini, P., Anderson, A. Integrating Models to Quantify Environment-Mediated Drug Resistance Cancer Research 77 19 5409 5418
  5. Picco, N., Gatenby, R., Anderson, A. Stem Cell Plasticity and Niche Dynamics in Cancer Progression IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 64 3 528 537