As an ESRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow, I am building on my PhD research (Thesis title: From the margins to the mainstream: imagining socioecological futures in Wales) in order to think more broadly about how human-environment relations are imagined, and possibilities for how they might be imagined otherwise. In particular, I am extending my research on the roles of art and storytelling and how these relate to novel forms of response to environmental crises. I am also interested - in a personal and academic capacity - in the new climate movements (for example, Extinction Rebellion), and the kinds of stories and imaginaries of social change associated with them.

Areas of expertise:

- Environment/climate change and society

- Environmental justice

- Social theory

- Cultural geographies

- Stories and narrative

- Environmental Humanities

- Environmental art and creativity


  1. Pigott, A. Imagining socioecological transformation: An analysis of the Welsh Government’s policy innovations and orientations to the future Elememta: Science of the Anthropocene 6 1 60 78
  2. Pigott, A. Reviewed Work: The Progress of This Storm: Nature and Society in a Warming World by Andreas Malm Environment, Space, Place 11 1 159 162
  3. Pigott, A. Articulating artfulness: Exploring the ecological potential of creative conversation Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers


  • GEG266 Approaches to Physical Geography

    This module aims to introduce students to the history and philosophical approaches of Physical Geography and the range of alternative approaches characterizing the discipline. In addition to conveying the main approaches and their evolution, their implication in terms of research practice are given particular emphasis, including recent examples of `good¿ and `poor¿ science and of how research proposals are developed. The assessment will include a literature review and a multiple choice exam.