Dr Simon Robinson
Lecturer in Computer Science
Computer Science
Telephone: (01792) 602699
Room: Office - 116
First Floor
Computational Foundry
Bay Campus

Areas of Expertise

  • HCI
  • Mobile
  • Multimodality
  • Haptics
  • ICTD
  • Eyes-off interaction


  1. & Sustainabot – Exploring the Use of Everyday Foodstuffs as Output and Input for and with Emergent Users. Presented at CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems Proceedings,
  2. & StreetWise: Smart Speakers vs Human Help in Public Slum Settings.
  3. & PickCells: A Physically Reconfigurable Cell-composed Touchscreen.
  4. & Pulp Friction: Exploring the Finger Pad Periphery for Subtle Haptic Feedback.
  5. & (2018). A liquid tangible display for mobile colour mixing. Presented at Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services,, 1-7. Barcelona, Spain: ACM. doi:10.1145/3229434.3229461

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  • CS-200 Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction

    This module introduces the key principles and practices of human-computer interaction (HCI). It describes in detail the basic concepts, methods and issues surrounding interaction design, explores the properties which make good and poor interfaces and presents the major design principles in the discipline. Students will learn how to gather and analyse requirement data, how to prototype designs, how to construct more usable user interfaces and how to design and run user evaluations.


  • Working title: Art and Design Practices as a Driver for Novel Deformable Controls, Texture, and Screen Interactions. (current)

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    Other supervisor: Prof Rory Wilson
    Other supervisor: Dr Jennifer Pearson
    Other supervisor: Prof Matt Jones
  • Untitled (current)

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  • 'Understanding and Designing Attention for Dual-Screen Media.' (awarded 2017)

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    Other supervisor: Prof Matt Jones