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Dr Sze Chim Lee

Dr Sze Chim Lee

Senior data scientist, Health Data Science

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Dr Sze Chim Lee (Lewis) is a senior research data scientist of the Medical School.

Lewis received his first degree in engineering (BEng) followed by psychology (MSc). He then obtained a PhD in Biology. Before joining Swansea University, he undertook roles as research consultant in drug safety and postdoctoral researcher in Hearing Science.

Here in Swansea University, Lewis’ research mainly uses administrative data and surveys to study a range of psychosocial and environmental circumstances that may affect mental health.

Areas Of Expertise

  • • Health Informatics
  • • Data Science
  • • Epidemiology and Pharmacoepidemiology
  • • Research Methods
  • • Observational Studies and Real-World Data
  • • Statistics

Career Highlights


Suicide, self-harm and mental health