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Mr Robert Bideleux

Honorary Reader in Politics and International Relations, Humanities and Social Sciences

Telephone number

+44 (0) 1792 604360


My main area of expertise has been the modern history, politics and economic development of the eastern half of Europe, as reflected in my major publications: Communism and Development, 2nd edition, 315 pp., Routledge, 2015; A History of Eastern Europe, 2nd ed., 669 pp., Routledge, 2007 (with Ian Jeffries); and The Balkans: A Post-Communist History, 620 pp., Routledge, 2007. These led to my being invited to the US State Department in May 2009 to advise the Obama Administration on the likely impact of the international economic crises of 2008 on Eastern Europe. A History of Eastern Europe has sold tens of thousands of copies and has been published in Chinese translation, and the Royal National Institute for the Blind also recorded it as an audio book.

I have also published extensively on European integration and on Marxist thought.

Areas Of Expertise

  • The history, politics and economic development of the eastern half of Europe.
  • The evolution of Marxism/Communism.
  • The global history of economic thinking
  • Postcolonialism (including Orientalism)
  • Genocide
  • Latin American politics & economic development

Career Highlights

Teaching Interests

Global political economy
The global history of economic thought
Latin American (especially Brazilian) politics & economic development
East Asian politics & economic development
India’s politics & economic development
Postcolonialism (including the study of Orientalism)