Dr Kate Ellis-Davies

Dr Kate Ellis-Davies

Senior Lecturer in Psychology, Psychology

Welsh language proficiency

Basic Welsh Speaker
Office - 711
Seventh Floor
Vivian Building
Singleton Campus
Available For Postgraduate Supervision

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My research intersects between health and developmental psychology. I am interested in the biological, cognitive, behavioral, relational, cultural, and environmental factors that shape parent and child health, wellbeing and development across the lifespan.

My research is multidisciplinary and international in nature, with some of the most rewarding work I do involving collaborations across academic disciplines, charities, health services and patient groups.

I am particularly interested in antecedents of parental mental health and wellbeing, and the link to broader child and family functioning. Within this field I examine the role of parent gender, sexual orientation, biological link to children, path to parenting, physical health, and perceived support.

It is important in my research that minority groups, and those less commonly included in parental mental health and wellbeing research are included. I am also interested in examining the individual and social factors that shape parental risk and resilience.

The research I do includes a perennial question of what the role of culture is on biological, cognitive, and social aspects of parenting and child development. We examine the role of culture through international research studies in W.E.I.R.D (Western, formally Educated, Industrial, Rich, Democratic) societies, as well as hunter gatherer and forager societies and cultures.

My teaching is informed by my teaching. With modules I teach examining parent and child health and development across the lifespan (PSY212; PSY302; PSY326); and systematic review methodologies and approaches in the areas of health and life sciences (PSY327). This research led teaching is also reflected in my undergraduate and postgraduate research project supervision, as well as my PhD supervision.

Areas Of Expertise

  • Parental mental health
  • Assisted reproduction technologies and parenting (e.g. IVF, donor insemination, surrogacy)
  • Fathering
  • Cross cultural models of parenting and child development
  • Parenting
  • Child Development

Career Highlights

Teaching Interests

Transferrable research skills that support students critically consuming evidence, and communicating evidence to different audiences to deliver evidence based decision making  (PSY326, PSY327) 

Parenting, development and family wellbeing across the lifespan (PSY326, PSY212, PSY302) 

Factors supporting student wellbeing, engagement, and resilience

Research Award Highlights Collaborations