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My research interests are in hydrology and hydrometeorology using advanced computer modelling and Weather Radars for flood risk management and climate change impact and adaption in water sector.  I have been involved in and led several key UK and EU research projects of the fields, including EU FP5 FLOODLIEF, EU FP7 FLOODsite, FRMRC-I & II.  More recently, I have completed a Knowledge Transfer Project funded by Innovate UK and Fujitsu Europe Laboratories Ltd on the use of HPC for predicting extreme storms and floods in Wales.   I am currently a fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society and responsible for the operation of the Welsh Centre of the RMetS. 

My team at Swansea is a key research partner of the Met Office UK and we are interested in using their cutting-edge weather and climate models, such as UKV to support our research in extreme hydro-meteorological events and the impact.

In 2015, I was involved in the effort to set up the first Welsh Local Centre of the Royal Meteorological Society and have been the treasurer since then. I am also an editorial board member of the Weather journal dealing with papers in hydrometeorology.

Please use my contact info on this page to get in touch if you wish to extend your colloabration and/or pursue a PhD in (or related to) the following research areas:

  1. Climate change impact on extreme hydrological events and adaptation.
  2. GIS/Remote sensing applications in Hydrological modelling and flood risk management.
  3. Weather Radar, NWP and their applications in Hydrological modelling and flood risk management.

Areas of Expertise

  • Hydrology
  • Flood Risk Management
  • Hydroinformatics
  • Climate Change
  • Hydro-meteorological Modelling
  • GIS and Remote Sensing


  1. Abbas, S., Xuan, Y. Development of a New Quantile-Based Method for the Assessment of Regional Water Resources in a Highly-Regulated River Basin Water Resources Management 33 9 3187 3210
  2. Gadelha, A., Coelho, V., Xavier, A., Barbosa, L., Melo, D., Xuan, Y., Huffman, G., Petersen, W., Almeida, C. Grid box-level evaluation of IMERG over Brazil at various space and time scales Atmospheric Research 218 231 244
  3. Li, H., Sun, J., Zhang, H., Zhang, J., Jung, K., Kim, J., Xuan, Y., Wang, X., Li, F. What Large Sample Size Is Sufficient for Hydrologic Frequency Analysis?—A Rational Argument for a 30-Year Hydrologic Sample Size in Water Resources Management Water 10 4 430
  4. Abbas, S., Xuan, Y., Song, X. Quantile Regression Based Methods for Investigating Rainfall Trends Associated with Flooding and Drought Conditions Water Resources Management 33 12 4249 4264
  5. Zhu, D., Echendu, S., Xuan, Y., Webster, M., Cluckie, I. Coupled hydro-meteorological modelling on a HPC platform for high-resolution extreme weather impact study Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 20 12 4707 4715

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  • EG-329 Hydrology and Unsteady Flow

    This module comprises two components: Hydrology (80%) and Water Engineering Design (20%) Hydrology: 1. Introduction of important concepts in hydrology, such as hydrological cycle, rainfall runoff process, hydrological design; 2. Ensuring students to be able to solve common hydrological problems following the general practice guideline in engineering hydrology; 3. Encouraging critical thinking on issues related to development issues, with special emphasis on water supply problems under the climate change impacts. Water Engineering Design:Storm water design calculations. Design of paved and roof drainage systems. Application of rational method hydrology open channel flow in urban drainage. Preliminary design calculations. British and Eurocode applications. Case studies and design of SuDs components

  • EG-M35 Flood Risk Management

    Recent years have seen an increasingly volatile climate and hence severe floods across the UK and worldwide, which also accompanies with a constant demand for expertise and know-hows for flood risk management. We intend to use this module to facilitate civil and environmental engineering students with necessary engineering skills and techniques for flood risk management with special focuses on current practice and national polices related and climate change impact and sustainability issues. Any student wanting to pursue or develop in a related career, e.g., water managers, consultancy in flood risk management is encouraged to take the module.


  • Quantitative Modelling of Climate Change Impact on Hydro-climatic Extremes (current)

    Other supervisor: Prof Harshinie Karunarathna
  • Hydrological Modelling for Integrated Water Resources Management in a Changing Climate (awarded 2018)

    Other supervisor: Prof Dominic Reeve

External Responsibilities

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Overseas Admission Tutor - Civil Engineering

    2013 - Present