My research interests lie in the broad area of Linear and Nonlinear Structural Dynamics and Control. Aeroelasticity (and the control of aeroelastic systems), in particular, has been my most recent area of research. In this area, I study the dynamic behaviour of aeroelastic systems, and research linear and nonlinear control methods (e.g. Feedback linearisation, Pole-placement). I am also interested in the study of the dynamics of non-smooth nonlinear systems (structural and aeroelastic) and their control.

Areas of Expertise

  • Linear and Nonlinear Structural Dynamics
  • Aeroelasticity
  • Active control
  • Linear and Nonlinear control methods
  • Non-smooth systems


  1. Jiffri, S., Fichera, S., Mottershead, J., Da Ronch, A. Experimental nonlinear control for flutter suppression in a nonlinear aeroelastic system Journal of Guidance, Control and Dynamics 40 8 1925 1938
  2. Lisitano, D., Jiffri, S., Bonisoli, E., Mottershead, J., Jiffri, S. Experimental feedback linearisation of a vibrating system with a non-smooth nonlinearity Journal of Sound and Vibration 416 192 212
  3. Jiffri, S., Paoletti, P., Mottershead, J. Feedback linearisation in systems with nonsmooth nonlinearities Journal of Guidance, Control and Dynamics 39 4 814 825
  4. Lisitano, D., Jiffri, S., Bonisoli, E., Mottershead, J. Experimental feedback linearisation of a non-smooth nonlinear system by the method of receptances Mathematics and Mechanics of Solids
  5. Zhen, C., Jiffri, S., Li, D., Xiang, J., Mottershead, J. Feedback linearisation of nonlinear vibration problems: A new formulation by the method of receptances Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 98 1056 1068

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  • EG-166 Engineering Mechanics

    This module aims to provide the students with the basic knowledge of the fundamental concepts of statics, including force, moment/couple, resultant force and resultant moment of a general force-couple system, equilibrium conditions/equations of a force system, common types of constraints/supports, and free body diagram, and by applying these concepts, the students will be able to solve statically determined truss structures using the methods of joints and sections.

  • EGA228 Aerospace Control

    The module introduces the topic of feedback control systems and presents methods of modelling that lead to transient, steady state and stability performances in control systems. An emphasis is placed on links between time responses and complex frequency domains. Principal topics are feedback systems, Bode, Nyquist and root-locus analysis, stability conditions and compensation design. The overall aim is to understand and be able to apply basic techniques for the analysis and design of feedback control systems.


  • Control Design of Flexible Link Robots with Smart Materials (current)

    Other supervisor: Dr Shakir Jiffri
    Other supervisor: Dr Hamed Haddad Khodaparast