Professor Stuart Irvine is Director of the Centre for Solar Energy Research (CSER) in the College of Engineering, Swansea University and is based in the OpTIC Technology Centre in St Asaph, North Wales; along with the CSER team.  He is one of the pioneers for deposition of II-VI compound semiconductors by Metal-organic Chemical Vapour Deposition (MOCVD) for application to thin film solar cells and advanced thin film materials for the opto-electronics industry.  This research has led to the publication of over 200 journal and conference publications and 10 patents. 


  1. Belisle, R., Nguyen, W., Bowring, A., Calado, P., Li, X., Irvine, S., McGehee, M., Barnes, P., O'Regan, B. Interpretation of inverted photocurrent transients in organic lead halide perovskite solar cells: proof of the field screening by mobile ions and determination of the space charge layer widths Energy & Environmental Science 10 1 192 204
  2. Kartopu, G., Oklobia, O., Turkay, D., Diercks, D., Gorman, B., Barrioz, V., Campbell, S., Major, J., Al Turkestani, M., Yerci, S., Barnes, T., Beattie, N., Zoppi, G., Jones, S., Irvine, S., Kartopu, G., Irvine, S. Study of thin film poly-crystalline CdTe solar cells presenting high acceptor concentrations achieved by in-situ arsenic doping Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 194 259 267
  3. Lamb, D., Underwood, C., Barrioz, V., Gwilliam, R., Hall, J., Baker, M., Irvine, S., Lamb, D. Proton irradiation of CdTe thin film photovoltaics deposited on cerium-doped space glass Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications
  4. Taylor, A., Major, J., Kartopu, G., Lamb, D., Duenow, J., Dhere, R., Maeder, X., Irvine, S., Durose, K., Mendis, B., Irvine, S. A comparative study of microstructural stability and sulphur diffusion in CdS/CdTe photovoltaic devices Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 141 341 349
  5. Hodgson, S., Kartopu, G., Rugen-Hankey, S., Clayton, A., Barrioz, V., Irvine, S., Irvine, S. Accessing the quantum palette: quantum-dot spectral conversion towards the BIPV application of thin-film micro-modules Journal of Optics 17 10 105905

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External Responsibilities

  • Director of £7.3m WEFO project SPARC II, Swansea University

    2016 - 2020

  • Chair of the IOM3 Energy Materials Group (EMG), Swansea University

    2018 - Present

  • Steering board member of the IWA project, Re-energise Wales

    2018 - Present

  • Member of the National Assembly of Wales, Climate Change Expert , National Assembly of Wales

    2018 - Present

Public Engagements


Editor: Materials Challenges: Inorganic Photovoltaic Solar Energy, RSC Energy and Environment Series, ISBN: 978-1-84973-187-4

Co-editor: Functional Materials for Sustainable energy Applications, Woodhead Publishing Series in Energy, ISBN: 978-0-85709-059-1