MA (Hons), MSc, PhD, MIMA, Prof Grad IMMM, FHEA

Dr Nicholas Lavery is Director of the Materials Advanced Characterisation Centre (MACH1), and the lead academic of the Swansea Additive Manufacturing Research (SAMR) group.

Dr Lavery's research interests lie broadly in the use of material property measurement, computational modelling and experimental studies to develop novel industrial manufacturing processes and materials, with applications to engineering products in aerospace, medical, automotive and energy production.

Current research areas:

  • Additive Manufacturing (specifically Laser Powder-bed Fusion)
  • High Throughput Material Property Testing (MACH1)
  • Computational modelling of various manufacturing processes (Additive Layer Manufacturing, Extrusion, Isostatic Powder Pressing, Sintering …)
  • Rapid Alloy Prototyping
  • Life Cycle Assessment

Over time spent in academic and industry, I have established a very wide range of international research collaboration demonstrated by the invitation to participate in and develop a number of EC FP7/H2020 proposals.

I am a recognised outstanding reviewer for the Journal of Alloys and Compounds, the Journal of Additive Manufacturing and the Journal of Applied Mathematical Modelling.

I have been an International reviewer for Additive Manufacturing proposals for the Canadian Innovation Foundation and the Singapore Science and Engineering Research Council.

Areas of Expertise

  • Additive Layer Manufacturing
  • High Throughput Materials Characterisation
  • Novel Alloy Development
  • Multi-physics coupled Computational Fluids Dynamics
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Life cycle assessment
  • computational modelling


  1. Cherry, J., Davies, H., Mehmood, S., Lavery, N., Brown, S., Sienz, J., Brown, S., Sienz, J., Lavery, N., Davies, H. Investigation into the effect of process parameters on microstructural and physical properties of 316L stainless steel parts by selective laser melting The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 76 5-8 869 879
  2. Lavery, N., Mehraban, S., Pleydell-Pearce, C., Brown, S., Jarvis, D., Voice, W., Brunnock, M., Brown, S., Lavery, N., Pleydell-Pearce, C. Combinatorial development and high throughput materials characterisation of steels Ironmaking & Steelmaking 42 10 727 733
  3. Cieslak, J., Tobola, J., Przewoznik, J., Berent, K., Dahlborg, U., Cornide, J., Mehraban, S., Lavery, N., Calvo-Dahlborg, M., Lavery, N. Multi-phase nature of sintered vs. arc-melted CrxAlFeCoNi high entropy alloys - experimental and theoretical study Journal of Alloys and Compounds
  4. Marinelli, G., Martina, F., Lewtas, H., Hancock, D., Mehraban, S., Lavery, N., Ganguly, S., Williams, S., Lavery, N. Microstructure and thermal properties of unalloyed tungsten deposited by wire + Arc Additive Manufacturing Journal of Nuclear Materials 522 45 53
  5. Kunčická, L., Kocich, R., Ryukhtin, V., Cullen, J., Lavery, N. Study of structure of naturally aged aluminium after twist channel angular pressing Materials Characterization

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  • EG-M113 Advanced Manufacturing of Metals

    The module will provide a deeper understanding of the physical principles underlying the processing of near net and net shaped technologies for advanced metal manufacturing. The course will cover casting, semi-solid metal manufacturing (Thixoforming), additive layer manufacturing and Powder Metallurgy for manufacturing. NOTE. Continuous casting methods will not be covered. The areas covered will cross cut the engineering disciplines of advanced manufacturing technology and material science to broaden the technical and industrial context of both conventional and advanced manufacturing for metals.

  • EG-M37 Additive Manufacturing

    1.1 Introduction to Additive Manufacturing 1.3 Additive Manufacturing Processes 1.3 Applications of Additive Manufacturing 1.4 Mechanics of the Powder Bed System 1.5 Physics of Additive Manufacturing 1.6 AM Defects and Process Control 1.7 Measurement and analysis of AM properties 1.8 Computer Aided Engineering of AM Parts 1.9 Powder Metals 1.10 Design for AM and part preparation

  • EGA324 Mechanical Engineering Practice

    The course builds on the knowledge and experience developed by the students in experimental studies during Level 2. A number of advanced scientific experiments will be undertaken. In addition, students will carry out a number of modelling benchmark problems in order to develop their ability to create appropriate models, interpret the predictions and compare them with alternative solutions.


  • Pelletisation of ferrous by-products (current)

    Other supervisor: Prof Steve Brown
  • Numerical Property Prediction of Materials Processed via Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing (current)

    Other supervisor: Prof Steve Brown
  • The effect of length scales and data resolution on image-based simulation (current)

    Other supervisor: Dr Llion Evans
  • Advanced Manufacturing Techniques of Implantable Blood Pumps (current)

    Other supervisor: Dr Andrew Rees
  • Towards state of the art vacuum locks for a novel continuous PVD galvanising process (current)

    Other supervisor: Prof David Penney
  • Computational modelling and validation of thermal and flow aspects of the powder bed fusion process (current)

    Other supervisor: Prof Steve Brown
  • Numerical modelling and experimental verification of investment casting process. (current)

    Other supervisor: Prof Steve Brown
  • Modelling and improving the vapour deposition efficiency of a novel PVD-based galvanising process (current)

    Other supervisor: Prof David Penney
  • Wear and Impact analysis of a granular flow using 3D Discrete Element Method simulations (current)

    Other supervisor: Prof Steve Brown
  • Using Rapid Alloy Prototyping To Understand The Effects Of Tramp Elements In Increased Scrap Steel Recycling (current)

    Other supervisor: Prof Cameron Pleydell-Pearce
  • Development of improved formability Advanced High strength Steels (current)

    Other supervisor: Prof Steve Brown
  • Assessing and understanding the corrosion performance of additively manufactured iron based alloys and other industry relevant materials. (current)

    Other supervisor: Prof James Sullivan
  • Corrosion Behaviour of Additively Manufactured Metal Components (current)

    Other supervisor: Dr Natalie Wint
  • "Investigation into Additive Manufacturing for Controlling Thermal Expansion in Optical Applications." (current)

    Other supervisor: Prof Steve Brown
  • Similatenous improvement of the electrical conductivity and seebeck coefficient (current)

    Other supervisor: Dr Matthew Carnie
  • Pseudo 3-D printing of thermoelectric elements in an integrated steel plant (current)

    Other supervisor: Dr Matthew Carnie
  • Analysis of the Effects of Extended Powder re-use in Powder Bed Laser Fusion. (awarded 2019)

    Other supervisor: Prof Steve Brown
  • The Effects of Microstructure and Microtexture Generated during Solidification on Deformation Micromechanism in IN713C Nickel Based Superalloy (awarded 2019)

    Other supervisor: Dr Soran Birosca
  • An Investigation of Residual Stress in the Laser-Powder Bed Fusion Process (awarded 2019)

    Other supervisor: Prof Johann Sienz
  • High throughput methodologies and materials characterisation for the optimisation and discovert of new alloys (awarded 2019)

    Other supervisor: Prof Steve Brown
  • 'Scandium Metal Processing for Aerospace Application' (awarded 2018)

    Other supervisor: Prof Steve Brown
  • Development of multi-scale and multi-physical models of the ALM process (awarded 2018)

    Other supervisor: Prof Steve Brown
  • Computational Modelling and Verification of the ALM Melt Pool (awarded 2018)

    Other supervisor: Prof Steve Brown

Career History

Start Date End Date Position Held Location
2018 Present Associate Professor College of Engineering, Swansea University
2013 2018 Senior Lecturer Materials Research Centre, Swansea University
2013 Present Director Materials Advanced Characterisation Centre (MACH1), Swansea University
2011 2013 Senior Research Officer College of Engineering (ASTUTE Project), Swansea University
2006 2011 Exploitation Expert/Business Development Manager European Space Agency – The Netherlands
2001 2006 Commerical/Technical Manager (Research Officer) Materials Research Centre (CETIC project), Swansea University
1999 2001 Research Officer Materials Research Centre (DSTL Project), Swansea University
1997 1999 Postdoctoral Research Assistant Applied Mathematics & Engineering Department, University of California, San Diego, USA
1995 1997 Postdoctoral Research Officer Mechanical Engineering Department (EPSRC Project), Swansea University

Academic History

Date Qualification Location
1995 PhD Multigrid finite element incompressible turbulent flow University of Wales, Swansea
1992 MSc Computational Modelling University of Wales, Swansea
1991 MA(Hons) Mathematics University of Cambridge
2018 FHEA Swansea University

Invited Presentations, Lectures and Conferences

Date Description
April 2014 Computational Methodology for Optimal Design of Additive Layer Manufactured Turbine Bracket
April 2014 A Review of Computational Modelling of Additive Layer, Manufacturing - Multi-Scale and Multi-Physics
April 2014 An Experimental and CFD Investigation into the Mixing in a Closed System Stirred Vessel
April 2014 A Methodology for Automated Pellet size Distribution in a Pellet Mill
April 2014 The Development of a Sub-Atmospheric Two-Phase Thermosyphon Natural Gas Preheater using a Lumped Capacitance Model
April 2014 Design for Reliability of Steering Power Module due to Design Consideration and Material Selection
April 2014 Studying Microstructure and Crystallinity of Polypropylene in an Injection Moulded Medical Bin Lid
April 2014 Numerical Modelling of a Marine Vessel Engine Room with Field Measurements
April 2014 Suitability of Multi-Layer Perceptron Neural Network Model for the Prediction of Roll Forces and Motor Powers
April 2015 keynote speaker on Rapid Alloy Prototyping at IMMM Steel Strategy Seminar Series, April 2015, Port Talbot
July 2019 Laser Powder Bed Fusion processing of Invar 36® (Fe-36%Ni) for thermal expansion

External Responsibilities

  • Member, Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA)

    2006 - Present

  • Professional Graduate Member, Institute of Minerals, Mining and Materials (IoMMM)

    2006 - Present

  • Treasurer of the Steering Committee, Materials Technology Forum for Wales

    2003 - 2006

  • Member of NPL Industrial Advisory Groups, Heat Transfer in Polymers & Photo-thermal Methods

    2001 - 2006

  • Member, South Wales Metallurgical Association & IT Network Forum

    2001 - 2006

  • Member-of & Conference Chairman, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

    2005 - 2006

  • Member, TMS (Metals, Materials and Metallurgical Transactions Society)

    2006 - 2011

Key Grants and Projects

Awards And Prizes

Date Description
August 2017 28th SFF Symposium, Texas USA: The three-prong method: a novel assessment of residual stress in laser powder bed fusion
October 2015 Best poster 8th Int. Conf. on Materials for Advanced Technologies, Materials Research Society, Korea