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  • EG-238 Experimental Studies for Medical Engineers

    The course introduces the students to experimental studies in a wide range of subjects. Each experiment is self contained and the student will present the findings in written form through a lab report which will have a set of experiment specific questions to answer. This written report also forms the basis for the assessment. All students work in groups and carry out five experiments which vary according to discipline, however the assignments are all individually submitted. The students keep a log-book of the experimental observations and results, which is used for reference for the technical report from each experiment written-up in the week after the experiment.

  • SR-142 Biomechanics & Technology A

    The purpose of the module is to introduce and develop knowledge and understanding of the fundamental mechanical concepts and principles that underlie human movement.

  • SR-251 Developing Research Methods for Sports Science

    This module builds on the knowledge and skills acquired in SR-143. The scientific method of progressing from a theory to creating hypotheses and research design is discussed together with workshops covering advanced statistical methods and analysis of both quantitative and qualitative research in Sports Science. This module provides an essential knowledge and skills base for progression to the level 3 dissertation project.

  • SR-254 Biomechanics & Technology C

    Students will gain a conceptual understanding of tissue adaptation to external load and the mechanics of injury in different human movements and sporting activities. Students will gain an operational understanding of lab and field-based motion analysis systems and how these can be used in injury management and prevention.


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    Student name:
    Other supervisor: Dr Rowan Brown
    Other supervisor: Dr Elisabeth Williams