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Dr Emmanuel Siaw

Lecturer in International Relations, Politics, Philosophy and International Relations

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Dr Emmanuel Siaw is a Lecturer in International Relations. He holds a PhD in International Relations from Royal Holloway University of London and an MPhil degree in Political Science from the University of Ghana. Before joining Swansea University, he held teaching positions at the University of Ghana, Royal Holloway University of London, and Study Group, UK. He also served as a field research assistant and officer for civil society organizations in Ghana, including the Ghana Centre for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) and the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Foundation, Ghana.

Emmanuel’s research primarily focuses on African agency in international relations, examining how variables such as ideologies, soft power, and cultural expressions shape the diplomatic relations, alliances, and international engagements of African states. While Africa’s international relations is Emmanuel’s core research focus, he also maintains an immense interest in Africa’s domestic political landscape. As such, parts of his research interests focus on how domestic politics shapes foreign policy and vice versa. He is currently embarking on an interdisciplinary research project into the politics of music in Africa.

Areas Of Expertise

  • Africa’s International Relations
  • Ideology and Foreign Policymaking
  • Soft Power and International Relations
  • Culture and Diplomacy
  • Music and Politics in Africa
  • Constructivism and Postcolonial International Relations Theory

Career Highlights

Teaching Interests

Emmanuel has extensive teaching experience in political science and international relations, covering a broad spectrum of subfields, including international relations theory, politics outside the West, development politics, electoral politics and democracy, politics of identity in Africa, post-conflict peacebuilding and transitional justice in Africa. He has taught in Higher Education Institutions in Ghana, the UK. Currently, he teaches undergraduate and postgraduate introduction to international relations modules. Emmanuel is always eager to engage in postgraduate research supervision within his teaching domains, welcoming students to discuss potential research projects and collaborations.