Elite International Sports Scholarship (EISS) at Swansea University

Eligibility, and terms and conditions:


1. The Scholarships will be open to full-time international tuition fee-paying undergraduate students only. The Scholarship recipient must be self-funding their studies. The Scholarship recipient must be classified as an overseas student for fee purposes. If the fee status changes at any point whilst the offer is in place, the Scholarship will need to be removed.

2. Students enrolling onto a Foundation course will not be eligible for this award. Foundation year programmes are delivered separately by ‘The College Swansea University (Navitas)’ which have their own terms and conditions. Students progressing from The College Swansea University (Navitas) are also not eligible.

3. The Scholarships are open only to students participating in our defined high-performance sports, namely – Men’s Rugby, Swimming (Men, and Women), Men’s Football, Women’s Hockey, Table Tennis (Men, and Women).

4. The allocation of the Scholarship is competitive, and so not all applications received may be successful. Scholarships will be awarded by the Elite International Sports Scholarship (EISS) Committee to candidates who, in the view of the Committee, meet the set and required performance criteria.

5. The scholarship amount is £5,000 per annum, for each of 3 years of undergraduate study, awarded as a deduction from the tuition fee of each year.

6. This scholarship may be held in addition to, and concurrently with, a Swansea University Sport Scholarship. It cannot be combined with any bursary or award provided by the University’s International Development Office. In cases where a Elite International Sports Scholarship is awarded, students will not be awarded a bursary or scholarship from the International Development Office that they may have been otherwise eligible for.

7. Scholarships are non-transferable.

8. In addition to the monetary award, Scholarship holders will receive:

  • A prestigious Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS) dual career place on the University’s high-performance program.
  • A dedicated performance lifestyle practitioner to work with and support you on a 1:1 basis.
  • An individualised strength and conditioning plan, with sessions also tailored to your needs.
  • Sport psychology support.
  • Nutritional Support.
  • Physiotherapy support.
  • Access to CT and MRI scanning on site.
  • Individualised sports injury rehabilitation.
  • Fitness testing.
  • Anti-doping education.
  • Access to a series of workshops designed to support the demands of balancing a dual career, enhancing performance, and supporting employability and future career planning.
  • Academic flexibility and support provided through the Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS).
  • Free access to the University gyms and swimming pool.
  • Free on-site parking on both Singleton and Bay Campus.


9. Scholarship holders, having accepted an award, will be contacted by the University’s Marketing Department, and be required to periodically participate in marketing activity that includes (but is not limited to) video and photography content creation, blog commentary, events appearances.

10. Having accepted an award, should a Scholarship holder withdraw from the University, the holder may be liable to repay to the University any award which has been made, either in whole or in part, as determined by the Committee.

11. With the approval of the Elite International Sports Scholarship (EISS) Committee, if a Scholarship holder’s progress (academic and/or sport performance) is deemed unsatisfactory, the Scholarship may be withdrawn. If the student feels that such a withdrawal is unjustified, s/he may appeal in writing to the Elite International Sports Scholarship (EISS) Committee.

12. If, in the view of the Committee, there are no candidates of sufficient merit an award, the Elite International Sports Scholarship (EISS) Committee reserves the right to withhold some or all of the Scholarships.