Gideon, Megan and Florence recording a podcast.

Featuring Presenter and Professor Dr Gideon Calder of Politics, Philosophy and International Relations along with two of our International Relations students host a brand-new podcast series called ‘The Society Column’ available to listen to on Spotify.

Based out of Swansea University's School of Social Sciences department, our podcast hosts have a wealth of research and knowledge that can help you to better understand the current world and its future. They host conversations with academics working in Economics to Criminology, Politics to Education and much more.

Florence Currie, International Relations with French student said:

“I have really enjoyed working with Dr Calder and Megan to develop this podcast for the School of Social Sciences (The Society Column). I have learned/ improved valuable skills in branding/identity and post-production/editing and am so grateful for the opportunity to work with such a range of interesting academics. SPIN is an initiative I will come back to next Semester, there are so many cool opportunities to take advantage of!”

Megan Salter, Politics and International Relations student commented:

"I've thoroughly enjoyed being a co-host of the 'The Society Column', Swansea's Social Sciences podcast. I have not only had the ability to practise journalistic skills through researching, liaising and interviewing staff members from within the School of Social Sciences, but I have also had the unique opportunity of gaining a deeper understanding into the many areas of research that the staff members specialise in. 

I believe the knowledge shared in each episode is highly valuable and informative, and I hope all that listen will feel the same. I'm excited to continue being a part of this project as I go into the final year of my undergraduate degree".

It’s fantastic to see our students getting involved with projects like this, which will inspire the next generation and help them consider studying in the world of Social Sciences.

The Society Column podcast series will launch a new episode every Monday, running a total of 8 episodes until the 10th of July 2023 available to listen to on Spotify here: Pilot Episode - The Society Column | Podcast on Spotify

Find out more about The Society Column via their social media channels:

Instagram – @the_societycolumn

Facebook – The Society Column

Twitter – @T_SocietyColumn

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