Personal advice from someone who got their Economics place through Clearing

Author: Hrisha Ramjee, Economics and Finance with a year in industry student

My Clearing Experience

I had a positive clearing experience with Swansea University. The staff member that I had spoken to was really helpful and polite. I was able to study the course that I had wanted to and was happy with the outcome. Once I had the offer, the university made sure that I had the necessary information going forward.

Hrisha Ramjee, BSc Economics and Finance with a year in industry

Hrisha Ramjee, BSc Economics and Finance with a year in industry

Why Swansea?

One of the main reasons I chose Swansea University was the course that was offered. I wanted to study Economics and Finance and other universities that I had listed with clearing did not offer Economics and Finance together as a degree. Swansea University offers a year in industry or a year abroad option. I was interested in the year in the industry pathway as I wanted to gain proper work experience in a company for a year.

Swansea University offers a variety of clubs and societies including the dance society. I saw that the Dance Society offers a wide range of dance styles that I was interested in, and I wanted to continue this hobby.

Lastly, the location of the university is a really good as one of the campuses is next to the beach and the other is in a park. Therefore, the scenery is lovely especially during spring and summer, as you can go swimming in the ocean or walk in the park and take in the beautiful surroundings.

My Swansea Experience

My experience at Swansea University has been really enjoyable and memorable so far. The lecturers have been extremely helpful especially with feedback and scheduling meetings to further explain concepts that I did not understand when needed. Furthermore, other services provided by the university such as the employability team or the MyUni hub have been helpful when required.

My Advice for applying through Clearing

I advise that you need to consider the course you would like to study and see if you will enjoy it at Swansea University based on the modules and see if there are options for a year in industry or a year abroad in the course should you be interested in those pathways. You should consider the city as it is a beautiful, especially in the summer and when the sun is shining. It is lovely spending time on the beach and it is easily accessible from both campuses.

In addition, make use of the various opportunities provided by the University such as becoming a student or school representative and student ambassador. There are many other opportunities to gain work experience and discover new skills and improve existing skills.

Top Tips for Clearance

Prepare for clearing in advance:

  • Do your research on universities that go through the clearing process.
  • Once you find universities that you would be interested in going to, research their courses and see what they offer. 
  • Once you have researched, create a list or spreadsheet of the universities that you would want to go through using clearing. On the spreadsheet add the course and the telephone number to contact on the clearing day for each chosen university.
  • Have all of your details in hand: - your contact details - clearing number from UCAS - A-level, AS-level and GCSE results with the marks - personal statement - notes about the course and university - write down any questions that you may have to ask and make notes during the calls.
  • Find a place where you will not be disturbed and make the calls yourself.