The College of Science

The College is made up of six departments, all leading global research breakthroughs and fully focused on providing education that is inspiring, useful and a route to a variety of fulfilling career opportunities.

Our department is based across two campuses, with Biosciences, ChemistryGeography and Physics, based at Singleton Park, and Computer Science and Mathematics based at the Bay Campus.

We produce agenda-setting research of the highest calibre. Recent research stories include the creation of hydrogen fuel from waste plastic, monitoring the calving of the Larsen C ice shelf and the conservation of seagrass meadows. Much of our research is aligned with contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Welcome to the Computational Foundry

The new £32.5 million world-class Computational Science facility will act as a beacon for research collaborations and will look to attract leading researchers to Wales, placing Swansea at the heart of a thriving regional ecosystem of digital companies and research.

Collaborate with us

Talk to world-leading experts in their field. We can help with research, facilities, testing, professional training and development, as well as finding high quality students for projects, placements or graduate jobs.