A brief project overview

The research and development of silicon CMOS based Lab-On-A-Chip (LOAC) technology platforms that can be developed with future innovations leading to new tools and thereby better understanding of the immunological response that underpins many disease states including allergy, diabetes and cancer.  

The use of modern semiconductor techniques to provide transparent substrates proving the ability for in-situ advanced biological experimentation of single cells.

The work on the modelling, fabrication and testing of the organic/inorganic microelectronic devices, such as Al/DNA/Si Schottky diodes. Controlling optical and electronic properties of the metal-inorganic semiconductor structures by introducing DNA interface layers can be vital for novel electronic devices for biotechnology applications.

This research area is led jointly by Dr Paul Holland and Dr Petar Igic who collaborate with Dr Cathy Thornton and Dr Shareen Doak from Swansea University’s College of Medicine and from the Multidisciplinary Nanotechnology Centre.

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Research Tools

Industry Standard Silvaco TCAD OMNI software package for Universities allows state of the art manufacturing process and device simulation.

Cadence Analog IC is available.

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