A brief project overview

As part of the SPARC project activities, novel indoor photovoltaic (PV) panel emulation scheme for testing maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithms and PV inverters has been proposed, designed, built and tested.

It is implemented by employing an indoor solar panel with a DC power supply operating in the current source mode.

Based on the proposed PV emulation system various MPPT algorithms and PV inverter test become possible regardless of the actual weather conditions (i.e. solar irradiance, rain, wind) thus providing a low cost solution for researchers.

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Recent Developments

Recent developments in power semiconductor materials are also exploited by the use of silicon carbide semiconductor devices which can reduce power losses in the energy conversion process, thereby increasing efficiency. Increases in conversion efficiency also mean reductions in unwanted generated heat, which in turn reduces heatsink sizes, reduces electronic component temperatures and improves reliability.

Energy-Efficient Power Converters PV Inverters To Support Local Voltage Challenges