Our Science and Engineering researchers connect to create solutions and advance technologies that will transform the life of our planet and its inhabitants.

We provide a supportive and stimulating research environment with high-quality facilities attracting talent from across the globe and delivering the highest quality research and societal impact which is recognised all over the world. 

Part of a university created by industry for industry – today we continue to work with and engage our local community and partners, both national and internationally.

Our vibrant research environment encourages supportive collaboration, expanding the breadth and international impact of our research delivered through our five Interdisciplinary research institutes. 

Together we address challenges and create innovations to build a more sustainable future for everyone.

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We have a lot to offer including staff with expert knowledge, world-class research and testing facilities and not only the ability to upskill your current workforce but add to it with our first class graduates. 

Director of Research Professor Perumal Nithiarasu

Administrative Support Sam Board