medical students using x-ray machine

Confirmation of NHS trust Capacity and Capability is the local feasibility procedure undertaken by an NHS Organisation to assess and confirm whether the organisation has the resources, policies and service users required to successfully deliver the research study to time and target.

The NHS R&D department involved with the research project will conduct a formal assessment to establish feasibility of the research study by :

  1. Assessing – Assessing if the Trust has the capacity and capability to participate in the study by reviewing:
    • Minimum Document Set received
    • Principal Investigator or Local Collaborator required
    • Required population to meet the recruitment target
    • Staff available to deliver the study
    • Site selection visit
  2. Arranging – Put practical arrangements into place to provide the capacity and capability to deliver the study successfully:
    • Agreement of Statement of Activities
    • Study specific training
    • Confirmation from services involved
    • Confirmation from outsourced services
    • Agreement of financial arrangements
    • Letters of access/honorary contracts
  3. Confirming – Confirm that the Trust has the capacity and capability to deliver the study to time and target, through mutual confirmation of the Statement of Activities for non-commercial studies or sign-off of a formal agreement between the Sponsor and the Trust
    • HRA Approval Received
    • Fully executed agreement/statement of activities
    • Letter of agreement between trust and organisation
    • Confirmation email of capacity and capability

We recommend you contact the NHS trust you wish to collaborate early in the process to save time.

An email to the NHS R&D Trust to check they have the resources/facilities/equipment/staff/patients will be requested by Research Governance before sponsorship can be given.