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Research Ethics Committees (RECs) are required to monitor research that has received a favourable opinion. Therefore, you must submit Annual Progress Reports in order to inform REC of the progress of your research study. Progress Reports are only required for studies that are more than two years in duration.

The information required in an Annual Progress Report relates to research conduct, recruitment, amendments, and safety. It is the responsibility of the Chief Investigator to complete and submit Annual Progress Reports. The report should be submitted to the REC (which gave the favourable opinion) 12 months after the date on which the favourable opinion was given. Annual Progress Reports should be submitted thereafter until the end of the study.

NHS Health Research Authority

There are separate forms for submitting Annual Progress Reports, depending on the type of research, so use the form that is most applicable:

Annual Progress Reports should be authorised by the Chief Investigator and/or study Sponsor, and an electronic copy emailed to the REC within 30 days of the annual date of favourable opinion. Please also send a copy to the research governance team (

PLEASE NOTE: For studies receiving sponsorship from Swansea University in 2023, and subsequently, your study application will have been progressed through the Research Healthcare Sponsorship online portal. In this case please complete the Annual Report sub-form available on the online portal (accessed through My Apps under the ‘Research Ethics Applicant’ tab. Please use the form entitled ‘Healthcare Sponsorship’ and 'Annual Report' sub-form).