Faded painting of ancient Egyptians weaving cloth and spinning thread.

Explore with Me: Textiles and Ancient Egypt

The 10-week course is available to anyone and will explore the different methods of textile design that were used in Ancient Egypt.

Museums around the world are filled with Ancient Egyptian artefacts, including robes, mummy wrappings and medieval garments. Hosted by Swansea University, students can expect to learn how flax was harvested, how ancient looms were set up and how to make thread without spinning, while evaluating the success of various plant-based dyes.

Dr. Carolyn Graves-Brown is leading the lectures online via Zoom, and will be demonstrating and experimenting live each week. Students may choose to watch or take part at home using their own resources, but all are guaranteed to learn something new while studying these ancient textiles.

The course starts on the 23rd of September and will last for 10 weeks, with a two hour session every Thursday between 3-5pm. You do not have to be a student of Swansea University to apply, and although the course is aimed mainly at adults, children are welcome too.

A list of suggested supplies will be provided by Dr. Graves-Brown, who will be using plant-based dyes as opposed to insect dyes, and wool from sheep sanctuaries.

The course is designed to be a learning experience for all, including Dr. Graves-Brown, who says: ‘You are welcome to take part in the experiments with me as we investigate together each week, or watch and discover what we learn as the results come in. I don’t promise to give you all the answers, but rather this is an invitation for you to explore with me.’ 

If you would like to secure a place on the course, you can register here.

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