Details of Welsh Affairs launch event 16 July

A new documentary film series that explores the challenges facing Wales, drawing on academic research, is to be launched at a virtual event - open to all - by a Welsh Government Cabinet Minister.

“Welsh Affairs” is a series of full-feature documentary films produced by a team in the University’s department of media and communication, led by lecturer Georgios Dimitropoulos, head of the Media Suite Innovation Lab.

Each film is based on research findings, case studies, statistical data and interviews from residents, workers, business leaders, academics, and policymakers in Wales.

Subjects covered in the series are:

  • The impact of Brexit in Wales: economic, trade, business, employment and higher education (two episodes)
  • Covid in Wales and its impact on the NHS, higher education and the economy (three episodes)
  • An NHS reset in Wales, with a focus on policies and operations (two episodes)

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A pilot episode has been awarded "Best Documentary Film" amongst hundreds of entries by five film festivals around the world.

The series is to be launched at a virtual event taking place on Friday 16 July at 4pm. The event will include a short preview of all the episodes.

**Register here** for the event on Friday 16 July – open to all

Rebecca Evans MS, Finance Minister in the Welsh Government, will be attending the launch event as the special guest speaker. Mrs Evans has contributed to the documentary film series.

The event will also feature contributions from Associate Professor Sian Rees and Professor Hamish Laing, both of whom were involved in the project. The session will be chaired by Professor Elwen Evans QC, Executive Dean PVC, Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences.

Series Director Georgios Dimitropoulos of Swansea University said:

“The project’s mission is to communicate research findings, empirical studies, statistical data, expert opinions, and people’s views in the most efficient and balanced manner through high-quality documentary films. I had the opportunity to interview students, academics, policymakers, industry experts, professionals, business leaders, and citizens that live, contribute, operate and work in Wales.

I am humbled to be part of this journey and to be able to capture valuable lived experiences, fascinating perspectives, insightful opinions, the vision, and the drive of exceptional pioneers, innovators, leaders, and passionate people that strive to make Wales a better place for everyone!”

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