Novel Wound Dressings

Swansea University is working with Pulse Medical to development novel wound dressings with improved antibacterial control for the treatment of chronic wounds with the aim of establishing a technology research activity within the wound healing sector to leverage further grant funding and investment.

Pulse has recruited substantial funds for the development of a dressing which incorporates the delivery of silver and electromagnetic pulses to improve the healing of a chronic wound. The company established offices in Swansea University and in collaboration with CNH through European funding employed 4 research officers for two years to undertake the research activity. The action of pulsed electromagnet fields on wound healing and bacterial models was investigated  alongside the release of silver ions from dressing material. This was in parallel to the design and development of printed electronics and  miniaturisation of the driving electronics for optimisation of delivery of the pulsed electromagnetic to the wound. This substantial development has led to a protype dressing device that is highly portable and ready for clinical trials and exploitation by the collaborating team of industrialists.

A research team consisting of academics and collaborating industrialists was established that managed the research and looked to expand the R and D activity. Pulse now have direct contact with leading academics in the relevant fields for consultancy on the project and its spin offs. The company also gained access to the equipment and facilities of CNH.  

The company also have increased visibility to scientific, funding organisations and hospital communities. The access to clinical trials unit promises to be of benefit to the next stage in the testing of the prototype dressing.

Director of Pulse Medical Iain Elder, "We brought the project to Swansea University's Centre for NanoHealth for two main reasons. The facilities to allow this kind of development are some of the best in Europe and the Centre staff are very forward thinking when looking at the potential commercialisation of the developed wound dressing.”

The relationship between Pulse and CNH continues as the initial wound dressing concept expands. The company is supporting 2 PhD research students developing dressing materials. Further Technology Strategy Board (TSB) and European funding has been sort.  A wound healing technology centre to attract further investment and clustering of companies