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The Challenge
Economics and political decision-making are influenced by a wide variety of factors. These feed into public policy formation and implementation. One emerging strand is the symbiotic relationship between economics and our identities. This strand also looks at techniques to improve our solo and collective experiences.

The ‘Economies of Identity’ therefore recognises the value of territorial, institutional, individual and communal identities. Along with brands, these are a positive driver for sustainable economic development and socio-cultural solidification. Hence, ‘Economies of Identity’ has global and local applications, and impacts both as a marker of societal stability and of societal change.

The Method
Since 2014 a number of conferences, workshops and seminars have taken place in Swansea, Belfast, London, Arran Islands, Barcelona and Santiago de Compostela. The various events’ themes have related to identities and their economic effect on peoples, places and organisations. Morgan Academy staff have both convened and participated in these gatherings.

The Impact
Morgan Academy is currently expanding research and activities in this field, working with colleagues across Swansea University, other Higher Educations Institutes, and with local and global partners. We are also bringing these issues into play during our interactions with local authorities and Welsh Government when discussing matters of public policy and implementation.