Select Bibliography of Welsh Culture


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The Welsh Studies sections of the Annotated Bibliography of English Studies (ABES), available in CDRom and On-line forms.


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Important Periodicals

(Complete runs in Swansea University library)

The Welsh Outlook


The Welsh Review

Dock Leaves/ The Anglo-Welsh Review


Poetry Wales

Book News from Wales/ Llais Llyfrau

The New Welsh Review

Welsh Writing in English: a Yearbook of Critical Essays



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For full bibliography of Welsh-English translation, see the relevant chapter in M. Wynn Thomas, Corresponding Cultures (see below); and also the entries in Peter France, ed., The Oxford Companion to Literature in English Translation (Oxford University Press, 2000)


The Welsh Language and its Literature

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Women’s Studies

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Political Studies

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Visual Arts and Cinema

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Wales and the World

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Theories of Nationalism (of relevance to Wales)

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Additional Bibliographical Resources

Bibliography of Wales (1985/86 - 1994)
UWS Library Call Number: W/Z2071.B31 (Level 1)
This includes periodical articles and books.

For the years from 1985 onwards this takes the place of Subject Index to Welsh Periodicals and Bibliotheca Celtica listed below.   

The Bibliography should also be available electronically on the National Library of Wales Web site 
(The bibliography is no longer being published in printed form.)

Bibliotheca Celtica 
W/Z2071 BIB (Level 1)
This was the most comprehensive bibliography of books and periodical articles dealing with Wales or written in Welsh. The work was based on items received by the National Library of Wales.

Subject Index to Welsh Periodicals
PB2101.Z71 (Level 1)
The Library has volumes covering 1931-55 and 1968-80.

An index to articles in Welsh or relating to Wales which have been published in a selection of Welsh and English periodicals published in Wales.

A bibliography of Welsh periodicals 1735-1850 
Cat. Hall Z6956.W2
National Library of Wales, 1993

Libri Walliae: a catalogue of Welsh books and books printed in Wales, 1546-1820
Cat. Hall Z2072 REE 
National Library of Wales, 1987  
Also at Z2072 REE on Level 1
This lists nearly 6,000 books and is the most comprehensive listing of books published in Wales up to 1820. It includes title, author and date indexes.

Cat. Hall Z6956.W2 JON
This includes as full a list as possible of past and present Welsh newspapers, together with their locations