Bobby Seagull

An Audience with Bobby Seagull - Wednesday 28th April at 11am

Star of University Challenge and TED Speaker

Celebrated mathematician and star of University Challenge 2017, Bobby Seagull is bursting with personality. He has published numerous books, including The Life-Changing Magic of Numbers and The Monkman And Seagull Quiz Book, both of which brought the wonder of mathematics to the general public. As a keynote speaker and conference host, Bobby commands the stage with an effortless confidence, entertaining all in attendance with his interesting knowledge of mathematics and teaching. He can reignite a passion for education in his audience, inspiring them to value the power of his unique teaching methods through humorous anecdotes.

From the perspective of a teacher, Bobby's speeches offer an insight into the world of teaching, infused with humour. He has presented at several prestigious venues, including the Science Museum and an Oscars Academy Award screening. When booked as a school speaker, Bobby can connect with students on a personal level, encouraging them to embrace the benefits of education as well as their academic potential. Bobby's speeches aren't just numbers and equations, he also discusses his own life, including his love of football. He is a thrilling individual, whose story resonates with audiences of all ages.

Bobby presented his first TED Talk in 2020, which has received thousands of views. His enthusiasm for mathematics was infectious, leaving the audiences eager to explore the world themselves. His speech was titled The Magic of Numbers: Why Everyone Should Love Maths, and rewrote the assumptions that many people have about mathematics. He can provide the same pioneering ideology; that a "maths brain" doesn't exist, and anyone can be a whiz with numbers. His speeches are fuelled by an unrivalled knowledge of mathematics, from his studies at the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge and the University London.

Bobby has witnessed first hand the damaging effects of financial stability, as he worked at a company during the 2008 recession that filed for bankruptcy. For many audiences, this direct experience provides an insight unlike any other, into the balance the global economy rests upon. Bobby now presents an online class on money management at the Open University, where he ensures that future business owners comprehensively understand the power of money.