2020 marks Swansea University’s Centenary year. In this special podcast, hear from university historian Dr Sam Blaxland as he explores aspects of its history to shine a light on the wider nature of University life in the UK. Discover how a university is established, how student and staff communities evolve over time, and how universities can become a focal point for student politics and protests. The podcast also explores the changing role of women in university life.

This podcast is the perfect companion for Dr Sam Blaxland’s book, Swansea University: Campus and Community in a Post-War World, 1945-2020. Join Dr Blaxland as he speaks to other historians, staff and students to paint a picture of university life through the century, and enjoy music from Swansea University’s band (recorded in the 1960s). This a podcast for anyone interested in higher education and how universities can fundamentally change people’s lives.

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1 – The foundations, famous staff and students

This episode explores the early years of Swansea University and how it developed, focussing on famous names who helped shape the University.

2 – Campus development

Sam Blaxland discusses the physical expansion of the University, why the development of a campus was radical and how this impacted university life.

3 – Protest and politics

Sam re-lives pivotal years in the late 60s to early 70s, where Swansea University witnessed major protests, upturning the University’s natural order.

4 – Women in academia

Dr Blaxland examines some key moments of change for women staff and students at the University.