Swansea University provides a gateway to a bank of over 20,000 highly talented students and graduates to fill part-time vacancies, graduate roles and work experience placements. We offer short-term, fully-funded internship opportunities and want both your organisation and our interns to get the most out of our work-based learning opportunities. Following these steps will enable this.

Agree Funding

We can often provide funding of up-to £2,000 to employers that recruit our students and graduates as interns. We require you to employ the student for at least 210hrs work, on a full time or part time basis at National Living Wage Foundation rates. If you’re not already speaking with a member of our team, please email us.

Find Your Intern

Our digital jobs board, Employment Zone is a great place to get your internship advert out to our talented students and graduates. Post an advert and select a candidate using your usual recruitment processes at our Employment Zone. If you need support with the recruitment process, just let us know.  

Attend a Mandatory Pre-Internship Appointment

Our Employability Specialists will help you book in a meeting, complete the internship pack, and go through health and safety checks ahead of your intern starting work. We will also explain our finance processes to pay your employer grant at this stage. This is a great opportunity to have all your questions answers, agreeing business outcomes for your organisation, learning outcomes for the intern, and a start date.

Internship Begins

Once we’ve completed the Pre-Internship Appointment the intern can start work. Remember, your organisation is the employer of the intern responsible for pay, tax, insurance, etc.

Provide a Case Study

We will provide a template for you and your intern to complete to give us feedback on our programme, and reflect on the outcomes of the internship. If you’d like us to meet with your to complete this document, just let us know.

We’re sure your intern will be an asset to your organisation. Make the most of your investment into their development by offering them further work opportunities if you can. 

Please contact our employability team or visit our website to find out more or learn about all of opportunities we can offer you.

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