We are pleased to announce the arrival of a new and unique UK analytical capability that offers a ‘step change’ in measurement, with the potential to detect a much broader range of organic substances (including isomers) within solids and liquids

By utilizing Omni International’s bead beating homogenization technology, followed by a multi-modal sample introduction system (GL Sciences, supported by SepSolve Analytical) combined with separation/detection via Gas Chromatography-Vacuum Ultraviolet spectroscopy (VUV Analytics, supported by Scientific Support Services UK), this technology installation will enable an enhanced picture of sample materials to be established.

Collaborative partners at SepSolve Analytical will support the development of new sample introduction methods to expand this analysis across a wide range of complex matrices. We will apply this to design new, safer, cleaner and more accurate treatments, processes and technologies for recycling/re-use and manufacturing for more effective healthcare, and a resilient and sustainable Circular Economy (CE).

To deliver this agenda, the installation will:

  1. actively seek collaboration from industry, government and academic partners to explore new application areas for a CE and beyond, to fully exploit capacity, capability and impact;
  2. support users continuous professional development (CPD) in the technologies;
  3. assist in the expansion of the VUV spectral database for ease of future substance detection.

Omni International, a PerkinElmer company is pleased to support Swansea University in the advancement of scientific discovery to support environmental monitoring programs. This capability is at the heart of Omni’s core values, to empower scientists to focus on discovery and innovation by simplifying sample prep workflows” says Senior Product Manager, Paul Roberts.

For further information on the technology installation and the potential for collaborative projects, please contact the capability lead, Dr Ruth Godfrey.

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