Swansea University is proudly ranked 9th in the ‘University Green League’ and we pay close attention to our outputs when it comes to facilitating events. From reducing the use of paper, to considerate catering and encouraging sustainable travel, there are a number of things we can do to make the events we organise greener. Discover our top tips for ensuring the events you organise are more sustainable.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do across the University, so we have compiled a list of 10 simple things you can do to help make your event greener:

  1. Think Green
    Ensure that sustainability is at the forefront of your mind when you start organising your event and that your fellow committee is engaged and committed to your green agenda.
  2. Sustainable Travel
    Both of our campuses are easily accessible by rail, a short journey from Swansea train station, and delegates attending conferences at Swansea University can benefit from 20% off their train fares when travelling with Great Western Railway (find out more here).

    For delegates travelling from similar locations, why not promote car sharing? Additionally, from spring 2018, we will have our very own bike sharing scheme – the first in Wales – the perfect way for delegates to explore the city whilst also beating the traffic by using our fantastic cycle routes.
  3. Electronic Agendas
    You can reduce paper usage at your event by providing documents electronically rather than printing them out – it is inevitable that you will have information to share with your delegates, but you can do this in advance via email, or through a custom conference app that our Event Services team can help you develop.
  4. Reduce the Juice
    Minimise power usage in accommodation by turning off lights when you leave the room, keeping the heating low and only leaving towels to be washed when absolutely necessary.
  5. Cater Consciously
    Swansea University was the first institution in Wales to achieve Fairtrade status. The University’s Campus Catering division has a strong commitment to sustainability, Fairtrade, and local purchasing and there is a wide range of Fairtrade products available for delegates to enjoy on campus, from fruit juices and coffee to confectionery and wine. We strive to produce fresh, healthy and sustainable food, using environmentally responsible, ethically sourced and local ingredients – what better way to immerse yourself in local culture than through your taste buds?
  6. Ditch the Disposables
    Use crockery instead of paper cups for your much-anticipated tea and coffee breaks. On campus, we offer a 25p discount to encourage the use of reusable cups – between November 2016 and June 2017, this initiative saw 11,452 disposable cups avoided.
  7. Recycle your Rubbish
    There are numerous recycling waste bins around both campuses where delegates can dispose of their rubbish.
  8. Local Talent
    When it comes to selecting the entertainment for your event, engage with local acts who don’t need to travel far to get to your event, this also shines the spotlight on local talent and culture – something we have in abundance here in Swansea.
  9. Allocate Accurately
    Ensure delegate lists are confirmed promptly to avoid over catering your event, both in terms of food and any unavoidable printouts that are issued.
  10. Return and Re-use
    At the end of the event, ask delegates to return their name tags so the cases can be re-used at another event, provide well-signposted drop off points for delegates to see the best results.

We want to help you plan an extraordinary event which offers your delegates an incredible experience, so get in touch to find out how we can support you.

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