Tata Steel works closely with Swansea University in the development and upskilling of its staff in order to ensure that they have the skills and talent required for a 21st century steel workforce.   

Together they founded the ESPRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Industrial Functional Coatings otherwise known as Coated2, a £14m 4-year projecthat has proved a critical link between industry and academia. This funding has in turn led to the establishment of the Materials and Manufacturing Academy (M2A) and the METaL Project which provide 40 Engineering doctorates and part-time company doctorates, one-year masters places and  work-based learning programmes 

Tata has benefitted from sending their workers on Swansea University’s M2A (doctoral) and METaL (work-based) learning programmes which offer training in areas ranging from metallurgy and corrosion to managing the environmental impact of steelmaking. 

Tata has also helped fund Swansea University’s Materials Research Centre (MRC) which has pioneered postgraduate degrees that are tailored to the needs of industry.  

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Tata-funded training centres and academies