Reconnecting the Salmon rivers of Wales project site 


As “Species Champion” for salmon at the Senedd, Huw Irranca-Davies MS recently visited one of the Reconnecting the Salmon Rivers of Wales project sites.

The Llethergynuen Weir, located on the River Honddu, was largely removed by our partners the Wye and Usk foundation, with natural rock formations remaining to support the salmons' migration along the river. Having visited the site prior to the works commencing, Mr Irranca-Davies left the site feeling inspired:

'The partnership working along the Honddu is inspirational, with volunteers and voluntary organisations working alongside statutory bodies and local communities and landowners to make tangible and long-lasting improvements. It shows what can be done with effort and determination and strong collaboration. Recent studies had shown the parlous state of salmon in our rivers across Wales, and other migratory species. So we must do all we can to remove the obstacles – including physical obstacles like old weirs as well as other barriers like river pollution – to maximise the chances for recovery of our iconic “King of Fish”, and to improve the overall river habitat. The wider benefits of work like this extend beyond salmon – important as that is. Reconnecting local communities with their river systems, and demonstrating the importance of good river health, is also part and parcel of good local citizenship. To know and value your local rivers is to value and protect them, and all the wildlife and biodiversity too. The health and well-being benefits of being alongside healthy rivers cannot be underestimated too, for walkers and anglers and others. Good rivers are part of good communities'.

You can find further details on the project here Reconnecting the Salmon Rivers of Wales

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