Swansea University Code of Practice for Collaborative Partnerships

Swansea University Code of Practice for Collaborative Partnerships

This Code of Practice provides the framework, principles and processes for the effective identification, development, approval, management, and review of all collaborative partnerships and associated programmes of study (including undergraduate, postgraduate taught, postgraduate research). Collaborative Partners Code of Practice should be read in conjunction with relevant sections of the Code of Practice for Programme Design, Development, Approval and Review.

A list of current Swansea University Collaborative Partners is available here. Please also see the Collaboration Partnership Principles.

This Code of Practice strives to be evidence based, and is based upon the expectations and indicators of the UK Quality Code for Higher Education (QAA).

The key aspects of developing and managing a Collaborative Partnership/Programme covered by the Code of Practice are:

Academic Quality Services welcomes feedback on the effectiveness of this Code of Practice and will seek to implement improvements throughout the year to improve the user experience. Please send any feedback to quality@Swansea.ac.uk with the Subject Header ‘CoP Feedback’.