With Amy Brown, Professor of Public Health, Policy and Social Sciences at Swansea University

Despite a strong intention to breastfeed, many women in the UK stop breastfeeding in the early days and weeks, often before they are ready.

The reasons for this are complex but centre around a society where although breastfeeding is promoted, often breastfeeding isn’t protected. Instead, women who want to breastfeed meet a series of barriers stopping them from doing so.

From a lack of detailed antenatal education, to disinvestment in health services, and a culture that does not understand the importance of breastfeeding.

Yet still too much focus is placed on educating individual pregnant women rather than changing the environment they will be breastfeeding in.

This talk will examine what we can change at a systems level, to empower and protect women to breastfeed for longer.

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Amy Brown - Biography

Amy Brown

A psychologist by background, Amy now works in public health research specialising in research exploring early experiences of parenthood with a focus on infant feeding, mental health and normal baby behaviour. She has published widely across these topics with her research helping to inform policy and practice in the UK and internationally.

Amy has a particular interest in public engagement and making sure research findings are relevant, understood and shared in an engaging way so that they can reach new parents and those who support them. She has worked closely with policy makers, public health bodies and charities around the world to ensure this happens.