Mental Health Awareness Week is a national annual event which provides the opportunity to focus on achieving good mental health. It has grown to become one of the largest awareness weeks that is marked across the UK and globally and in 2021 will be hosted between May 10th – 16th. The main aim of the cause is to provide a platform to share conversations around mental health, recognise the things in our daily lives that can affect it and to offer practical advice and support on how to improve mental health.

The theme of this year’s campaign is 'Nature'. During long months of the pandemic, millions of us turned to nature. Research has showed that going for walks outside was one of our top coping strategies and 45% of us reported being in green spaces had been vital for our mental health. Nature is so central to our psychological and emotional health that it’s almost impossible to realise good mental health for all without a greater connection to the natural world which is why we are inviting you to #ConnectWithNature during this week. 

These events are open to all and are free to attend however there is an opportunity to support the crucial research into adolescent mental health undertaken here at Swansea University.

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Please note that these events are for educational purposes only. Please find details on services that offer help and support and also health and wellbeing advice for Swansea University staff & students 

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