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Income Related Bursaries, also known as progression bursary - what are they?

Swansea University has a strong track record of widening access, ensuring that as many talented people as possible have the opportunity to participate in higher education regardless of their geographic, social and economic background. We believe that family income should not be a barrier to education, and we have introduced significant additional financial support for students from lower income backgrounds.

  • The University currently offers additional financial support to UK students who come from low-income backgrounds. 
  • This is in addition to any type of funding students may receive from UK governments (e.g. tuition/maintenance loans or grants) and is offered by the University.
  • This extra support is called a bursary and is given in the form of cash to eligible students from the University and does not need to be paid back.

In light of the recent changes to student support arrangements in Wales (introduced in 2018/19) and the availability of tuition/maintenance loans in other parts of the UK, the University is in the process of updating the support to students provided by our Income Related Bursary. 

See below what you may be entitled to: