Read our Carbon Management Plan 2016-2026

In 2015 Swansea University, previously a single campus university based at Singleton Park, Swansea, opened the Bay Campus, a £450m, 65 acre expansion project, and became a dual campus university.

Due to this substantial change in our facilities and population, we agreed with the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales that 2015 – 2016 be established as the relevant representative Carbon Management Plan (CMP) baseline year. Thus our 2016-2026 plan succeeded our previous 2010 – 2020 Carbon Management Plan and was approved by the University's Senior Management Team and Finance Committee.

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The Carbon Management Plan Provides:

  • clearly defined short, medium and long-term SMART carbon reduction targets (e.g. 3.5% annually and 35% by 2026)
  • a framework of carbon reduction measures, investments required and expected savings (e.g. lower carbon development strategy and lower carbon mindset, including communications and training)
  • clarity on carbon management governance, roles and responsibilities
  • a commitment to monitor and structure carbon reporting progress towards the targets publically and annually (i.e. scope 1, 2 and 3)
  • signposts to supporting documentation (e.g. Sustainability Strategy and Travel Plan)
  • reports and targets; and sets out reduction measures for scope 3 emissions.


How Do We Measure the Effectiveness of Our Plan?

Each year, as part of our ISO14001 Environmental Management System, we report on progress against our plan. This reporting of our achievements takes place at the University’s Corporate Responsibility Committee, which is chaired by Swansea University’s Registrar and Chief Operating Officer and attended by staff, students and trade union representatives.

Want to Get Involved?

Developing “A Lower Carbon Mindset” is one of our five core Carbon Management Plan reduction themes, which focuses on student and staff engagement in carbon monitoring, management and reduction.

To achieve our goal of lowering carbon emissions by 35% by 2026. we must engage the whole university community in carbon management.

Through the following projects we are unlocking our student and staff potential to lower our energy consumption, whilst informing and inspiring future generations to have a lower carbon mind set.

We are backed by electricity generated from renewable sources

At Swansea University, we pay a renewables tariff for 100% of our grid electricity. This means we fund our electricity consumption to be supplied to the grid from renewables. Here's a breakdown of our Renewable Sources from our green tariff.


Swansea University is a proud member of the Low Carbon Swansea Bay network

Low Carbon Swansea Bay supports reduction of Swansea's carbon footprint. It's overarching purpose is to develop a co-ordinated, integrated and sustainable approach to reducing carbon emissions across all sectors in Swansea and south-west Wales. It's more specific aims are:

  • To develop and champion a coordinated approach to carbon reduction.
  • To ensure that reductions are measurable and meet or exceed national targets.
  • To maximise opportunities for carbon reduction projects in the region to access resources and share good practice.

View our Low Carbon Swansea Member Certification.