Vanessa Sofia Serranheira Montinho

Vanessa Sofia Serranheira Montinho

MA Cyber Crime and Terrorism

Swansea University was the only university that offered two areas that I am most interested in studying, namely, Cyber Crime and Terrorism. Additionally, Swansea University has connections to relevant national and international organizations in the area, such as CYTREC, which I believed could increase my professional opportunities.

The part that I enjoy the most is learning and interacting with the professionals that work in the area. All the lecturers of the MA in Cyber Crime and Terrorism are exceptionally supportive and always available to help during and after the lecturers.

I have been liking all the modules so far. During my first semester, my favourite module was Online Propaganda and Radicalisation. This semester I am really enjoying the Countering Violent Extremism Online module. The majority of the modules include individual assignments, which enabled me to work independently and autonomously. Although team work skills are essential, being able to work independently is also very important.

I am currently doing a SPIN Internship at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.