Toufeeq Mohammed

Toufeeq Mohammed

MSc Healthcare Management

What are your top 3 favourite things about Swansea (the city/area)?
• The beach
• Oxford Street
• Swansea Market

What are the top 3 skills/experience you think an applicant should have in order to study this course?
• Have an allied health sciences academic background
• Possess some relevant work experience in the health sector, preferably 1 year with some customer service exposure.
• Ideally have basic level of critical thinking and an eye for detail.

What is your favourite thing about your course?
The teaching staff without a doubt. This sort of teaching approach is new to me, but I'm totally enjoying it. The friendly nature of the lecturers and the urge to answer every question, no matter how basic or silly, is something I've come to admire.

What are you hoping to achieve by completing this Master’s degree?
I always wanted to get into management and administration, so this was the perfect course for me considering my previous work experience. I hope to develop and hone my skills as a healthcare practitioner and be able to transfer & apply those skills universally. I've also slowly started to develop a penchant for critically analysing every piece of work I read.

How does this Master’s degree build on your existing experience up to this point?
I have managed a dental practice in my home country, so I would like to be able to amalgamate the things I learn here with my previous experience to be a successful healthcare manager. I also believe the knowledge and skills I acquire here will give me credibility and immense confidence in my future career.

How does this Master’s degree fit in with your future career plans?
I always wanted to be in a managerial position, so this course was a perfect fit for me.

Would you recommend Swansea University to other students? Why?
Yes, absolutely. In fact, I've already done so to a few of my peers back home. The professional and cordial attitude of the faculty and the university's robust infrastructure is what I will base my recommendations on. Also, a special mention to the university's student support services. They do an excellent job.