Stavros Apostopolous

Stavros Apostopolous

MA Communications, Media Practice and Public Relations

What did you enjoy most about studying your course at Swansea University?

There were a number of things enjoyed about studying my course at Swansea University. I spent a lot of my childhood and adult years living in coastal areas and Swansea offered an ideal coastal backdrop for a uni-que experience!

The staff members at Swansea University were always happy to help and friendly which made my experience as a student pleasant and easy in many ways. I received a scholarship which was great, so funding is available!

I enjoyed the diversity my course had to offer, knowledge and experience in different areas of media such as Public Relations, Design, Video Editing and more!

How did your degree help prepare you for your career?

The Media Practice, Public Relations and Communication MA was perfect and has offered me a breadth of knowledge in various areas of the media industry but ultimately giving those the option to specify if they wanted to.

Skills that I use in my day-to-day work life I can say that I acquired during my studies at Swansea University. I’m therefore using knowledge and skills that were a direct result of my degree.

Parts of the course were also helpful for the job interview process. Learning a lot about branding can help one to brand themselves too! That’s what I did which was great to help persuade employers to invest in me!

What skills did you learn during your studies, that you now use in your career?

Writing in short and long form such as press releases or advertorials for clients.

Creating content for digital and print.

Editing videos.

Public Speaking.

Representing my employer and a brand.

Would you recommend this course to prospective students? (explain why)

I would highly recommend this course to prospective students. I struggled to get into the media industry and Swansea University was the last shot I was giving the career I desired. I put in the hard work and effort and grasped any opportunities that came my way. As a result, I’ve been employed since graduation in the industry of public relations.

I made some amazing friends during my time studying at Swansea University and also met some incredible individuals from the industry of PR.

What advice would you give to students who want to pursue your career?

I would advise students who want to pursue a career like mine to be ready to work hard and to be open to opportunities. During my studies I was employed and also completed 3 placements, while studying. I gave it my 100% and am reaping the benefits. Invest in yourself to get others (employers) to invest in you.