Sophia Redaelli

Sophia Redaelli

BSc Marine Biology

The first time I went to Swansea was back in 2017 for an open day, when my family and I flew from Italy to the UK. My first impression at the time was almost being in a parallel world, where the campus was surrounded by nature and all the buildings were new and modern. I remember the thought of having the opportunity to study in such a place, made me feel excited and I wanted to start right away.

Why did you choose to study your degree at Swansea?

From a young age, I possessed an unwavering determination and clarity regarding my academic and career path. It was my passion for the ocean and a limitless curiosity about its enigmatic depths that truly intrigued me. As I perused Swansea's study program, I found myself captivated by its offerings. It was the course in tropical marine ecology and conservation that truly resonated with me and aligned perfectly with my interests.

What is your favourite thing about your course?

Throughout my academic journey, I have enjoyed every aspect of the coursework and practical work we have undertaken. However, it is the work fields that have truly stood out to me. These experiences not only provided the chance to connect and collaborate with fellow classmates but also offered invaluable insights into potential career paths. They prepared me with the necessary skills to navigate the professional world, teaching me the importance of approaching tasks with precision and critical thinking, and enabling me to design surveys to address specific inquiries. I consider this ability to think critically and constructively as one of the most significant skills that Swansea University has taught me.

Have you lived at home during your studies?

During my time at Swansea, I had the opportunity to experience both on-campus and off-campus living arrangements. In my first year, living on campus proved to be beneficial as it facilitated easy interactions with interesting and incredibly friendly students. Additionally, having the library in close proximity was advantageous, especially since I was still unfamiliar with the city to get together to study. During my second year, my friends and I decided to share a house, which was located 20 minutes from the university. Despite the distance, it was not an issue due to the availability of multiple bus routes. Furthermore, the beautiful view of the sea and the park during our walk to classes was a perfect stroll. Above all, living with international girls from different cultural backgrounds was an enriching experience. We all shared the common journey of leaving our home countries and adapting to life in a new one.

What are you planning/hoping to do now you have graduated?

I graduated in July 2023 and in August I’ve had the opportunity to participate as a long-term intern in the Red Sea Project, in Egypt for three months. During my stay I was given the opportunity to learn and grow professionally, using unique research methods and activities. This practical approach allowed me to develop and improve my skills in various areas related to conservation and research. By actively participating in the project, I gained a deeper understanding of the challenges and complexities involved in preserving the Red Sea ecosystem. The hands-on experience gained through the internship can provide a solid foundation for further research and conservation efforts. During my stay, I had the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills in conducting various surveys, including BioBlitz, Turtle, Fish Abundance, Coral Identification, Coralwatch, and photo identification of Turtles.