Shroug Alotaibi

Shroug Alotaibi

Saudi Arabia
PhD Business Management

I am a lecturer In Saudi Arabia and a PhD candidate in Management school, particularly in the Human Resources department.

Before I applied to Swansea University, I decided to spend the three years of PhD in a city with a sea view, just like the city I was living in, Jeddah. I feel that I cannot live without a beach. This encouraged me to apply to Swansea since I also found someone interested in my research area.

I am a third-year PhD researcher, and the journey has been great so far. My supervisor and the PGR team are supporting me in all aspects. I am happy that I had the chance to attend several courses offered by the library, which positively affected my performance. 

I am interested in international mobility since it has become an important topic in the management and organizational field. I felt after reading the literature, it is now essential to understand the careers of skilled migrants in order for organizations to use their cultural, social, economic, and symbolic resources properly, and since Saudi is the country with the third highest migrants’ rate, I decided to search about the experiences of highly skilled migrants working and living in Saudi Arabia.

With my research, I hope to contribute to the body of knowledge and highlight the common challenges and benefits associated with this international labour population. Also, offers a more holistic picture of skilled migration and international careers.


During my first year, I was stressed and a bit afraid, and with the yoga classes offered by the University I managed to control these feelings and keep going with my work. I also had the chance to build a good network inside my school with for example, receptionists and other PhD colleagues who made me feel much better about being homesick.


I am now in the stage of learning how to publish a paper and how to be an influencer in my area with my research by developing my skills as a researcher.