Shenae Kris-Ann Jonas

Shenae Kris-Ann Jonas

MA Applied Criminal Justice and Criminology

What are your top 3 favourite things about Swansea?

  • The way it prioritizes student life, there are weekly events and trips geared towards student involvement, I appreciate this level of engagement because it affords me the ability to meet people and explore.
  • The student support and communication system. Swansea University’s presence even before I applied was a major part of my decision to attend the institution. The University was very communicative and made every effort to include me in activities that would enhance my knowledge as a prospective student. I was invited to forums, conferences and involved in virtual open days. This level of engagement was a clear indication of the level of support I would get once I finalized my decision and matriculated as a student. The University offers a great support system and an impeccable visual and written communication strategy. I have always felt supported and validated, I have never had a concern about my wellbeing or academic performance that has gone unanswered. The staff generally plays a vital role in ensuring all my needs are met.
  • I enjoy living in an environment that is scenic. Studying in Swansea is amazing because I have access to attractive locations worthy of exploring, Mumbles Pier, Rhossili Bay and Caswell Bay. The beach is also within walking distance and there are endless opportunities to take therapeutic walks.

Why did you choose to study your degree at Swansea?

The structure of the course aligned with my primary interests, running in tandem with my career trajectory. My course, MA in Applied Criminal Justice and Criminology tackles the incidence of crime, factors that influence crime and possible policy options to respond to criminal events. Understanding the criminogenic features of the society we live in and finding ways to fix the pervasive crime and violence issue happening globally is of great importance.

What is your favourite thing about your course?

My favourite thing about my course is the teaching method. I value the teaching style I’m exposed to in my course. I appreciate my Lecturers’ openness to “thought-provoking” discourse, I can challenge mainstream positions, share them with my classmates, dissect ideas and develop a critical way of thinking about issues arising around the area of study.

What are you planning/hoping to do after you graduate?

My intention is to engage in working opportunities geared towards victim/offender binary research, I want to contribute to research that will further explain how past victimization can lead to criminalization (criminal proclivity). I am also keen on working with organizations that are focused on Child Rights, with a special attention on child sexual abuse and the abolition of child incarceration. Swansea's MA programme will most certainly prepare me for this.

Would you recommend Swansea University to other students?

Most definitely, I appreciate the University’s standards as it pertains to student support. I have always felt supported and validated. I have never had a concern about my wellbeing or academic performance that has gone unanswered, the staff is helpful and plays a vital role in ensuring all the students’ needs are met. The University has exceeded my expectations, and it is for this reason, I would recommend it to other international students.

Have you worked part-time during your degree?

I am currently working as a Student Ambassador with the University and it is the most fulfilling experience, I get the opportunity to learn more about the University facilities and meet other student ambassadors.