Olivia Zhou

Olivia Zhou

BSc Finance

I know Swansea University because of our uni first-year HBUT-Swansea programme. I was lucky to be chosen part of this programme and I passed all the exams (including all the language tests)

I wanted to start a journey that I could have a time to live and study alone. I want to gain some skills not matter in studying or living.

The two campuses are close to the beach. I love sea views and especially the sunset!

I am studying BSc Finance. I used to study finance in my home country so it helped me a lot about the foundation and background of the knowledge and equipped me with a lot of useful financial items.

My favourite module is financial accounting which is my optional module. I got a chance to provide the analysis based on the annual financial statement for BBC. It helped my attention to details skills a lot as well as helped my critical thinking skills analytical skills.

Swansea gave me a lot of help even during the hardest time-pandemic. They provided an Amazon voucher as well as some interesting workshops to look after our mental health.