Morayo Olayiwade Kudehinbu

Morayo Olayiwade Kudehinbu

MSc Management (Enterprise and Innovation)

I chose to study at Swansea University because of the schools high ratings in Academic teaching excellence and its friendly multicultural community. Additionally, Swansea is a beautiful city with amazing views and people, a very welcoming environment to flourish.

I am currently studying Management in Enterprise and Innovation. This course centres on critical-thinking in entrepreneurship, innovation management, and business strategy and project foundations. The concept of the course is important to navigate today’s economic markets.

I enjoy the bi-weekly interactive online seminars where I can share my insights, questions and concerns directly with my lecturers via zoom meeting without fears. It has really helped boost my confidence because the lectures are always ready to provide you with any assistance you need on the course.

My favourite things about Swansea are the astounding views at the beach, the friendly/peaceful community. I look forward to the on-campus events and amazing cuisines.

As an international student, relocating to a new country can be overwhelming. This wasn't the case when I moved to Swansea. The international student department assisted me in integrating into the system without issues. They are an amazing team.

Swansea University provides you with all you need to be successful in your program; its distinctive multicultural community is always available to render every assistance necessary. The quality of life is remarkable both on and off campus; the views and city ambience are spectacular. Anyone will love it here!